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How to Market Your Business on Social Media [New Course]

By Rebekah Radice

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Social media isn’t as simple as it seems. Oh sure, from the surface, it looks like playtime... post to Facebook, add a pretty picture to Instagram, tweet a blog post.

But under that surface is a bubbling caldron of confusion. It's enough to drive many people running away screaming.

That's why I’m so excited to bring you my new course, "The Smart Guide to Marketing Your Business on Social Media." If you've wondered:

  • Where you should spend your time online
  • How to find your target audience
  • How you can master the top social networks
  • What tools and processes will effortlessly let you track and measure your social media efforts...

This course is for you. Back in 2004, when I first started with social media, I had the same questions. I wondered how to grow my audience, what type of content I should share, and so much more.

But today, social media is far more complicated. To succeed, you need a roadmap and a plan. With those tools in hand, you can bust loose of current perceptions and create a structured social media strategy that catapults your success.

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The backstory on the smart guide to social media

So you might wonder: why launch this course now? There's certainly plenty of social media training out there. But none are complete in my opinion. Each lacks the vision two decades in marketing and social media brings.

And all modules within the course are based on your questions. They're the struggles I hear every day surrounding social media. Everything from how to own your expertise, nurture relationships, and become the local or industry go-to resource.

Because here's the deal: Over the last decade as online marketing has evolved, the challenge to reach your target audience and truly communicate has continuously been put to the test. Today, getting in front of your audience is more difficult than ever. That’s where strategy comes into play. But while social media might be challenging, it’s also an enormous opportunity to present your business story and message in a real and relatable way.

Social media is an opportunity to present your business story and message in a relatable way.

Putting a plan in place is the difference between those who skillfully use social media and those who don’t. And the data supports this.

As the founder of 4 companies, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building a business through social media. My goal through this course is to take that knowledge and walk you step-by-step through what it takes to connect social media marketing with a scalable business strategy that drives measurable growth.

Whether you’re a small business owner, tech industry professional, social media marketer, consultant or coach, I know how important it is to put simple methods into place that will create consistency and clarity around your social media strategy. That's exactly what this course is all about.

Why you need this social media course

Almost 90% of businesses who use social media say their social marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business, and 75% say they’ve increased traffic. Think about it.

You’ve seen the competition and probably even made note of what they’re doing right and wrong. It’s pretty obvious when mistakes are made and even worse when we don’t have a system or structure in place to deal with them.

That’s why I knew now was to the time to put a course together that documents an end-to-end social media strategy. It avoids one-off tactics that can easily derail your success and keep you lost in a sea of to-do’s.

To fill your pipeline with contacts, customers, users, and subscribers - you need a holistic strategy that merges each aspect of your business with your social media marketing.

To fill your pipeline, you need a strategy that merges each aspect of business with social media.

With this kind of strategy in place, you’ll earn back time, take control, and grow a successful business.

We’ll go through several critical steps together:

  1. One of the most overlooked decisions is which social networks should you spend your time on? We’ll talk about which social networks you should focus on and then put a posting strategy in place for each of those social networks
  2. You’ll also learn how to find your audience online and define who your perfect brand persona really is. Not familiar with that term? Don’t worry! You’ll know everything you need by the end of this course!

Plus you’ll learn how to develop your online brand, and then put a system in place to track and measure your results. All of this is designed to help you build momentum, gain a voice, and leave your mark through social media.

What else can you expect? By the end of the course, you'll know:

  • Which social networks you're going to focus on
  • What you're going to post and share on those social networks
  • How to define your perfect customer
  • How to use demographic data to understand customer needs
  • How to write out a brand persona
  • Understand visual marketing and how it affects your brand online
  • What colors, fonts, styles work well on each social network
  • What metrics you should be tracking
  • Where to find them
  • What you should be looking for and why it matters to your business
  • The best tools to help you manage your daily to-do list
  • The top tools designed to free up your time and automate simple processes
  • And so much more!

Learn more today

My challenge to you is this: take some time and really define a social media strategy that inspires you, that moves you, that will pull you into your future - not someone else's version of it.

Create a vision that makes a difference in the health of your company and the lives of your customers, clients, and your family. Remember: what you do today determines your success tomorrow.

Don't waste the opportunity to plan and proactively build something that propels you forward in a way you never thought possible.

Get a sneak peek at the course and VIP access to bonus content!

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