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My Caffeine Confession

By Rebekah Radice

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I have a confession to make. Want to hear it?It’s a little shameful that I could get so caught up in this addiction, but it seems to have overtaken my senses.I find that I wake up in the morning craving it. I can’t get going without it and won’t let a day go by deprived of it. What’s my BIG secret?I’m addicted to coffee. And not just any run-of-the-mill coffee. The good stuff. The kind of coffee that makes you run, not walk to the nearest coffee shop.The problem I’ve had is finding the perfect combination: a great cup of coffee with a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere where I can sit and sip.That's where La Colombe in Los Angeles comes in! I think it's the best Los Angeles coffee shop in a sea of choices.

The Best Los Angeles Coffee Shop

That perfect cup of coffee includes the perfect coffee space.I love to plop myself down in a comfy chair and drink my Americano in a space that will allow me to focus on getting some work done.Unfortunately, I have found that most coffee shops are more conducive to the “get in and get out” type of traffic and can be a challenge for someone needing a quiet, more intimate workspace.Lucky me to have finally found just the location! So, if you find yourself in Los Angeles and you're:

  1. Addicted to a great cup of coffee and
  2. In need of an occasional change of scenery
  3. Work remotely and need a spot with stable WiFi

La Colombe can meet your needs whether you want to chat with a friend or hop on your laptop.

Grab a Perfect Cup of Coffee

Enjoy the warmth of any of their locations, sit down with your laptop, and get some work done while enjoying a hot or iced coffee.Whatever your reason, be it coffee or conversation – this will quickly become your new local coffee house favorite!

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