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This is the One Thing Holding Every Entrepreneur Back From Success

By Rebekah Radice

4 min read

Are you an entrepreneur frustrated by the day-to-day grind? Feel as if the glorified hustle so many talk about just isn't for you?

It's easy to get distracted by the urgency of what's happening in your business and lose sight of what's most important. It's also easy to fall into the trap of believing what everyone else's version of success is, instead of focusing on your own.

In today's show, I share how detrimental it is to forget what matters most in your life and business, and how to:

  • Learn the power of saying no
  • Embrace your version of success
  • Never lose focus on your own intentions

Tune in and read below for the full transcript!

I had lunch with a friend the other today. You know this kind of friend…the one where time and space don’t exist. You can talk once a month or once a year and always fall right back into sync. The conversation is always effortless and the time together is priceless.

That’s why this lunch was different. The vibe was off and the small talk was clueing me into a much bigger problem. My friend, typically an open and transparent person, was engaged in idle chatter.

She’d mentioned the weather, feigned interest at the menu, and even glibly talked about animal rescue, a topic saved for serious and often heart-wrenching conversation. Little did I know, the next hour we’d share would become a profound moment.

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The simple revelation

What was revealed wasn’t a revelation. In fact, I believe it’s something all entrepreneurs struggle with. And yet, it’s never discussed. There’s shame, fear, and a whole lot of “I should have known better,” tied into the topic. That’s why it’s so important that we face it head-on. Because it’s the thing holding her back… and the one thing keeping you from achieving radical success.

Why this one thing is holding you back

As I sat there listening to her chat about her day, her week, her life, her business... I asked what was really bothering her. That's when she started to spill. She said she was frustrated, felt like she was running, and chasing, and spinning on a hamster wheel.

Now keep in mind, this is someone who's successful, has been an entrepreneur for a decade, and seemingly has it all figured out. And yet, here we were, having a conversation about boundaries, and success, and the lure of "the entrepreneurial hustle."

That's when she looked me straight in the eye and asked, “Is this really what being an entrepreneur is all about? Am I supposed to chase someone else's version of success my entire career?" No, I told her. That's not at all what it's about. But I could see the look of shame in her eyes. And believe me, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Why? Because I totally get it. We’ve all fallen into the trap. We’re busy.

  • Busy building a life.
  • Busy building a business.
  • Busy raising a family.
  • Busy grabbing our piece of happiness.

But when you look at it… can you honestly say that the “busy-ness” equals productivity, joy, and success? She couldn't and I suspect you feel the same.

Taking back what's yours

Every day is a battle won if you can focus on the important, push away the urgent, and stay aligned with what truly matters. Maybe it’s your family, maybe it’s your new client, maybe it’s an exciting project you’re working on… whatever your “important” is, keep it right in front of you. Post it on the wall, write it on your whiteboard, put it on a freaking sticky note if it helps. But don’t let it leave your sight, your mind, or your determination.

Over to you

How are you going to make every day matter? It's time that you focus on your one thing and push everything else aside. Decide and commit to making your "important," your everything.

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