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Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

By Rebekah Radice

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I recently spent time with a small group of amazing women. We had come together for a mortgage industry mastermind to discuss best practices, marketing strategies and everything social media.During our time together we chatted about our personal business and the day-to-day struggles we were all facing. What I heard were echoes of the stories being told every day within our business and the questions we’ve been faced with as the challenges just seem to pile up.The stories were gut wrenching and the overall fear was that their business would never be the same.They posed questions like:

  • How do you get out of bed every morning when you hate what your job has become?
  • How do you walk into the office with a smile on your face when your whole world is crumbling?
  • How can you see a light at the end of the tunnel when the darkness consumes you?
  • How do you find hope when the day to day battles leave you exhausted?
  • How do you face tomorrow when the pain of yesterday has left you battered and bleeding?

Every one of those questions tears at my heart because of the raw emotion behind them. I have been there within the last couple of years and can honestly say I’m blessed to be on the other side. Having seen the effects of those questions makes me want to reach out and offer all the support and encouragement I can.So how can we help our fellow sufferers pull through an otherwise devastating time within the real estate and mortgage industry?Actively Listen – If they’re talking, you need to stop what you’re doing and listen. They might be the most private person you know, so for them to talk means they’ve chosen you as a confidant.Look for the signs – Has your friend changed their daily routine? Have patterns in their life changed and new, less attractive ones emerged? Are they moody, irritable and downright unpleasant to be around? Don’t make the mistake of shrugging that off as “Mary is just having a bad day.”Be a barometer of truth – When we’re deeply enmeshed in our struggles, finding the “truth” between what we feel and what the reality is can be next to impossible. Be the friend that not only offers support but a mirror of truth. Just listening isn’t always enough. There might be a moment where offering feedback and a different perspective can open up new possibilities.And finally, while we’re all acutely aware that life within our industry will never be the same, I pose this question to you:Does it really matter? As the saying goes, can’t we choose to make lemonade with the lemons we’ve been handed?If it’s true that we have the ability to change our lives by simply changing our minds then isn’t it about time we got started?Will you get started today?

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