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5 Pinterest Tools to Ignite and Inspire Your Pinning Efforts

By Rebekah Radice

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Pinterest, a unique magazine-style virtual pinboard allows businesses to connect with consumers eager to consume, share, and engage through the power of images.With consumers spending an average of fifteen minutes per visit, and 80 percent of pins being repins, Pinterest users are a highly engaged group your business cannot afford to miss.The five Pinterest tools below are designed to ignite and inspire your pinning efforts allowing you to increase awareness, engagement and visibility!Let's get pinning!

5 Pinterest Tools to Ignite Your Pinning

1. Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest analytics may not offer the bells and whistles other analytic tools do, but it is still a viable option when monitoring and measuring your Pinterest metrics.In order to take advantage of Pinterest analytics you must first verify your website.

Steps to Use Pinterest Analytics:

  • Click on “settings” and then “verify website.”
  • Scroll down to your website url and click on the “verify” button to the right.
  • A pop-up will open with verification instructions. Once this opens, select the “download the html verification file.” (Make sure you save the file somewhere easy to retrieve. Leave the verification window open).
  • Upload the file into the root directory of your website via FTP or CPanel and then return to the verification page within Pinterest. Click on the "click here to complete the process."
  • You will receive a notification that your website has been verified. You are now free to close out and return to your profile.

Once you have verified your website you will find analytics on your drop down menu.

With Pinterest analytics you can track and monitor stats such as:

  • Daily Pins
  • Daily Repins
  • Average Number of Clicks to Your Pinterest site
  • Pins From Your Website
  • Referral Traffic
pinterest analytics

2. Reachli (formerly Pinnerly)

Knowing and understanding what your audience enjoys and is eager to share is a key aspect to any successful Pinterest marketing strategy.Reachli is a free discovery and analytic tool that allows you to quickly scan trending topics and analyze the interaction on your daily pins. You also have the ability to promote through tags and ad placement.

All you need to do is determine:

  • Your budget
  • Audience
  • How long you would like your campaign to run

As you can see, the options are very similar to Facebook advertising, albeit on a much smaller scale.

reachli pinterest tool

3. PicMonkey

The best way to boost visibility on Pinterest is to create and pin captivating images. Whether it is your latest blog post or a brand new product, pinning your unique content builds brand awareness while encouraging interaction and engagement.Not proficient with Photoshop? Feel less like a designer and more like a business owner struggling to position your images in the best light? Then you need PicMonkey!

What You Can Do With PicMonkey:

PicMonkey is a slick online and desktop editor that makes image creation and editing effortless.Want to create a collage of your fun event photos? You can do that! Or maybe you want to design a unique graphic for your giveaway. Either one can be put together with ease!PicMonkey can pump up the WOW power of any Pinterest images. Don’t believe me?Just take a look at the example below and see what adding an image, text, and a super-fun overlay can do to take your pinnable content from blah and boring to bold and beautiful!

picmonkey image editor

4. Hello Insights

Your Pinterest audience is pinning at different times dependent on the day. Since the Pinterest feed is similar to that of Twitter and moves at a rapid pace, believing that you will miraculously capture the attention of your audience is a foolish gamble your business can’t afford to take.That is why you need Hello Insights!

Hello Insights provides:

  • A live update of what your followers are sharing
  • Timely statistics
  • Top brand influencers
  • Detailed traffic analytics
  • Comparison charts that can be customized to fit your needs

They also offer Hello Creative, a fun and easy way to create original, visually appealing content that's optimized for Pinterest. For businesses eager to make the most of Pinterest, these two tools combined will allow you to analyze what is working, what is not and better provide creative and fun images designed with your target market in mind.

hello society insights

5. PinAlerts

Pin Alerts is a free online tool that allows you to quickly set up alerts allowing you track in real-time when someone pins an image from your website.Whenever an image that links back to your website is pinned, PinAlerts will send you a notification by email. This is extremely beneficial for any company interested in identifying which pins are popular.It also allows you to take customer service to the extreme as you can quickly acknowledge and thank someone for his or her pin.

pin alerts

What Pinterest tools do you use within your business? I would love to hear which ones you suggest in the comments below!

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