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Reinventing the Heel | How 22 Women Found their Groove

By Rebekah Radice

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A few years ago I had the incredible honor to find myself featured within Karen Deis’ stellar book “Stilletos in a Loafer World.” Karen had spent months interviewing top mortgage women across the country who graciously shared their secrets to success, marketing tactics and the inspirational story that was the foundation of their career.

What we didn’t see coming was the implosion of the mortgage market and the impact it would have on each of our lives. This single event would leave an indelible mark on the lives of those ladies, including me.

Some would walk away disenchanted, fearing an industry that had brought them the best and brightest days of their lives would never recover.

Others would hang on until it was too late and succumb to financial ruin. For the few that remained, there were dark days ahead. Still, each one clung to the promise that putting one foot in front of the other would bring them out of the fire and into the light.

Reinventing the Heel | How 22 Women Found their Groove

In her newly released follow up “Reinventing the Heel,” Karen visits once again with the 22 survivors. She discusses their battles, beliefs and daily victories. You’ll enjoy each chapter as these women share their tremendous stories with Karen; a woman who has dedicated her entire career to the success of mortgage women across the country.

One lady, who I’m fortunate enough to call friend, shares her captivating story. Louise Thaxton’s life was turned upside down when Hurricane Rita hit the Gulf of Mexico. Dubbed one of the most intense Category 5 storms ever recorded, Louise’s family business was destroyed when Rita rolled through her small town.

Struggling to survive, Louise was faced with a decision. Go BIG, or go home. Not one to shrink from a challenge, Louise decided that going Big was the only way to live. Her inspiring story is accentuated by the fact that not only did she succeed, but now finds herself firmly planted within the ranks of the “Top 200 Mortgage Professionals” in the country.

Louise is only one section in a book where every page tells the story of courage and compassion. Sorrow and survival. Dedication and determination. I highly suggest you pick up Reinventing the Heel and share in the success of these incredible women.

I guarantee you will walk away feeling inspired to break through whatever barriers you’re facing in your career and empowered to take back our battered and bruised industry.

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