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How to Set Up Your Facebook Page LIKE a Pro

By Rebekah Radice

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Facebook offers any business, whether large or small, the ability to create and share content in a unique and meaningful way. You can become a friend who recommends products and services and a business that helps solve consumer problem.No matter the type or size of your business, updating your marketing strategy to include Facebook can transform your online efforts.Set up your Facebook page like a proin a few simple steps!

Building Your Facebook Page

Attracting new business is an ongoing challenge for Facebook marketers. As a business professional, the opportunity to cast a larger net is intriguing. While Facebook may feel overwhelming, with the right strategy success is possible!

1. Plan Your Facebook Page

Before diving into Facebook marketing, it is wise to begin by planning. As you consider your content, determine who your audience is. What are their needs and how will you provide relevant content? Anything you post should be informational, but also motivate and inspire fans to engage and interact with your page.

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You must also consider your posting strategy and how you will consistently stay in front of your fans. Your Facebook fans will only engage if you provide valuable information that meets their needs, day-in and day-out.Poll your community often to ensure your message is being heard. Between Facebook insights and the various metric and analytic tools available, there is no reason you should blindly market. Measure and track your posts and engagement to make the most of your time and efforts!

2. Create Your Facebook Page

One of the main benefits of a business page versus your personal page is the fact that it will be seen by Google. If you have built a group in the past, the reason you want to consider building a page is:

  • Content of Fan page is seen by Google
  • Content of Group Pages is not seen by Google
  • No custom applications allowed on Group Pages

An important part of this process is naming your page. Since your page will be indexed by Google, using keywords specific to your niche or area might be a better choice then using your own name. It really depends on how you have branded yourself up until this point.Is your brand your personal name or company name? Spend time thinking this piece through before moving forward and ensure that there is consistency across all of your other social networks.To set up your Facebook page, navigate to http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php. Follow the step-by-step instructions to setup your Facebook page. Complete the info, bio and contact information to include your value proposition.Don't forget the importance of completing each section of the About.This is where you want to add important information about you, your business or your product.

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3. Design Your Cover Photo

Your Facebook cover photo is an opportunity to brand your business in way that creates an immediate connection to your brand.A recent survey by 3M Corporation demonstrates how powerful visual appeal can be. that the Don't settle for a random image that has nothing to do with your brand. Instead, choose one that embodies who and what your company is about.Fans expect to see something that they associate with your brand, something they can relate to. When a picture does not match up with the expectation, there is a sense of disconnect and disappointment. Understand what your brand represents and then determine how you can convey that both visually and emotionally.

Before you get started though, read Facebook's cover photo guidelines.

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4. Take It One Day at a Time

Building a Facebook community takes time. It takes time and commitment. Your Facebook page is an extension of your business. Just like any other social network, you must make a commitment to being active and seen on a daily basis.Facebook is a way to quickly grab the attention of fans and cause them to want to take action. If one type of post isn't working, try something new. The important thing is that you don't throw in the towel, even on those frustrating days.Follow this formula on a daily basis to stay true to your message and your purpose:

  • Plan
  • Consistently execute
  • Analyze
  • Adjust

How are you using Facebook to market your business? I would love to hear how it is working to support all of your additional marketing efforts!

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