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Simple Steps to Get Your Website Found NOW!

By Rebekah Radice

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In my first article, 6 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog, we explored unique ways to find new subscribers and ultimately, new buyers and sellers.The idea behind each of these is to engage your audience, brand your blog and boost your sales. So choose one or try them all. I guarantee that if you work your blog, it will bring you the results you're looking for!

Write articles for other blogs and services

I currently write for 4 different blogs; all of them offering untapped potential. I now have the opportunity to reach a broader audience and also link back to my site with their permission. By linking related posts, you have the chance to increase site traffic through a whole new audience.

Issue a Press Release

Promote your website or blog by issuing a press release including who you are, what you offer and why readers should flock to your site for up to the minute information. A press release can improve visibility, increase SEO and ultimately drive more business to you!A couple of options for automating your press release distribution:

Answer Questions

When you answer questions within the blogosphere, you’re establishing yourself as the expert within your field. The more you answer, the more recognizable you become. In any forum or on any blog, you will have the option to add your own website so that when your answer is viewed the reader is able to locate you on the web. Important Note: DON’T confuse answering questions or commenting with spam. No one likes a spammer and in fact, spamming has the exact opposite effect as you’re trying to gain. Make sure your answers are concise and beneficial to the reader.

Get Found with Technorati

I briefly talked about Technorati in my last article, but wanted to expand on how to get the most out of this site. For starters, think of Technorati as a giant yellow pages for blogs. It’s a blog search engine, but also an authority builder. It will measure your websites authority or ranking amongst other blogs. So how can you best use Technorati?

  • Claim Your Blog –
  1. Sign up for a free Technorati account
  2. Fully complete your profile – this is always an important step for any website or social media account
  3. Claim your blog by adding the url and confirming that you own that site
  • Tag It! – Technorati tags allow you to tag each key word in your post. The more you tag, the better your chances are to get found.

Side note: If you’re using Wordpress, there is a plugin that will make your life infinitely easier. It’s called SimpleTags and assists in creating custom tags for each post.

  • Pint It – My favorite tool to notify multiple sites at once is Ping-o-matic
  • Create a sense of reciprocity amongst your peers
  • Build loyalty amongst your readers
  • Fire up the phones with new leads

Share an insider secret

Think about the amount of information you’ve gathered about the real estate or mortgage industry over the years. What one how-to, what not to-do or success secret could you giveaway that would:

  • Create a sense of reciprocity amongst your peers
  • Build loyalty amongst your readers
  • Fire up the phones with new leads

Remember: Content marketing and search engine optimization work hand-in-hand with each other and both take time. Work on them simultaneously and give yourself a timeline and measurable goals. Without those it's easy to get derailed and lose site of why you started blogging in the first place.

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