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Smart Google+ Strategies to Grow Online Community

By Rebekah Radice

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3 Smart Google+ Strategies to Grow Online Community

It’s no secret. Google Plus is a powerful online tool.From search engine optimization, to social signals and semantic search, Google Plus is a veritable wonderland of opportunity for savvy business professionals.However, while you might be aware of Google Plus, adding it to an integrated social media marketing campaign is another story.New is scary, and so is change.Learning the ins and outs of yet another social network can be intimidating.But what if I told you that a few small tweaks and one major leap into Google Plus could transform your online marketing efforts?Last week, I had the pleasure of joining Sebastian Rusk on the “Social Buzz on Air” podcast where we discussed Google Plus and the reasons why I believe it should dominate your social media strategy in 2014.Below are three quick and easy ways you can dive in and optimize Google Plus for maximum exposure, improved visibility, and a thriving community!

3 Smart Google+ Strategies

1. Optimize Your Profile

Proper profile optimization is something I often see overlooked. Unfortunately, without this step, any other Google Plus tactic you put in place won’t be near as effective.Take the time to share all of the juicy goodness that is you. Express who you are, what you’re all about, and who are you passionate about serving.With Google Plus tied directly to Google search, make sure to use your keywords and those terms you are eager to rank for within your profile.There is a considerable amount of real estate within your Google Plus “About” section. Use this space to include details about your special skill set, training, certifications, and other defining qualities that differentiate you from the competition.Add links to your website and other pertinent online information. You want anyone that lands on your profile to have the ability to:

  • Instantly identify with you are
  • What product/service you offer
  • How you can solve their problems
  • Make an educated and informed decision

Next step? Get your Google Plus cover photo optimized! Stephan Hovnanian put together an excellent how-to with step-by-step instructions.Tip 1: Use keywords in your cover image’s filename (example: google-plus-cover-template.jpg).Tip 2: When you upload the cover photo itself, give your cover photo a description/caption, and be sure to include keywords as well as a link to your website.Tip 3; Share the image as a photo post on Google Plus.

Watch the video here:

2. Get Active

Start posting consistently and begin to cross-promote your proprietary content.Did you write a post that was well received? Post it to Google Plus with context around your content. Express what it is about the topic that really fires you up and why your audience should care.Keep in mind, Google Plus is not Facebook. It takes time to find your voice and build momentum. You must be willing to put in the time and effort to build a name, reputation, and community.It’s also a very unique platform in how the members view both individuals and brands. Influence does not automatically transition from one social network to the next. This is a distinct mentality that I truly appreciate. The community dictates that you prove your value and worth before trust is offered.

The best way to do this?

Show up on a consistent basis and offer a ridiculous amount of value to your followers.

3. Join Communities within Your Industry or Niche

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closing the google plus gap

Want to Learn More About Google+? Join our Thriving Community![/caption]Communities were an excellent launch pad for me. I was able to immerse myself in an environment that was speaking my language.With Google Plus communities, you can connect with people that have similar interests, goals and desires.Similar to Facebook groups, Google Plus communities offer your business an opportunity to build, foster, and maintain relationships.

Simple Ways to Get Started with Communities:

  • Find communities that are centered on your industry, niche, or hobby. Then begin to share, interact and engage.
  • Read and thoroughly understand the guidelines of each community you join.
  • Share valuable content, not just your own. If it's topical, relevant, and something you enjoyed, you can bet your community members will as well.
  • Comment on other members content and share across additional social channels.
  • Ask questions, interact, and truly get to know community members.


What you get out of Google Plus is in direct proportion to what you put into it.Add it to your calendar, build it into your marketing plan, and make it a non-negotiable.Google Plus can be a powerful way to meet, connect, and inspire your target audience. All you have to do is get started.

Listen to the full “Social Buzz on Air” Podcast here:

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