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Smart Ways to Beat Social Media Burnout

By Rebekah Radice

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Social media burnout.We all suffer from it.Overwhelm, frustration, anxiety.It’s the constant need to stay involved, connected and interactive.But is it sustainable, and more than that, is it realistic?The answer? No.At some point, it’s important to realize that enough is enough.That your good is good enough.That you gave enough, interacted enough and shared enough throughout the day.However, if you're seeking to grow an audience, stepping away isn't always an option.So, how do you beat social media burnout? You find balance.Below are six ways to handle the firehose of content coming at you and stop social media burnout once and for all.

Steps to Beat Social Media Burnout

1. Stop Multitasking

Did you know that only 2 percent of people can successfully multitask? The other 98 percent are, according to research done by Clifford Nass,

"less able to multitask than the rest of us because they can’t help but think about what they aren’t doing!"

For years I believed I could juggle multiple things at once, seamlessly moving from client calls to strategy sessions without missing a beat. But times have changed.With the birth of social media, the pace has accelerated at lightening speed.Be willing to adjust and adapt. Ensure that top priorities receive your full and undivided attention.

When you feel the urge to multi-task, stop and take action:

  1. Write down each task you must complete
  2. Now prioritize each task
  3. Remove all distractions - shut down the Internet, turn off your phone, close your office door
  4. Work through one task at a time
  5. Celebrate your success

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2 percent multitask

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2. Turn Off Notifications

With an incessant barrage of social media notifications, pings, and campaigns, walking away from social media can feel impossible.But it’s not.And even more than that, it’s a must.The quickest and easiest way to regain control over your day is to manage your notifications.From Facebook to Instagram, turn off your mobile notifications, any sounds, pop-ups or email alerts. They do nothing but create distraction.

facebook notifications

This is where numbers three and four will come in. Get ready to set boundaries and plan ahead!

3. Set Boundaries

Nothing creates social media burnout faster than a Smartphone that never leaves your side.Set boundaries around when and how you will use social media.Determine how often you'll check each social network and then track your time using free tools such as FocusBooster.FocusBooster is an app based on the Pomodoro Technique, a time management system designed to instantly improve productivity.

How it works with social media:

  1. Choose the social networks you will visit
  2. Determine what your goals are for each network and have content ready to share
  3. Set the timer for 25 minutes
  4. Focus on your task (s) for 25 minutes and then shut your social networks down
  5. Give yourself a 5-minute break
  6. Move on to your next money-making activity

4. Plan Ahead

From third-party management tools to an editorial calendar, planning ahead can cut down on that frantic "gotta find something to post" feeling.My go-to management platform is Sprout Social. With Sprout, you can manage content, interact and engage with fans or followers in a thoughtful and strategic way.As you come across content you want to share, add it and schedule it to post.This frees up your time to interact instead of hunting for content.Simplify even further by using Chrome extensions to quickly grab a post and either schedule or share it immediately.

sprout social extension

5. Recognize When Your Passion Turns Toxic

A healthy mix of productivity, constructive conversation, and meaningful interaction is the key to a successful social media presence.Unfortunately, many get caught up in the conversation and don’t know when to call it a day.While social media can be fun, and lets face it -- downright addictive -- it's important to recognize when your passion for social media turns into a toxic invasion of a healthy lifestyle.

Signs you're addicted to social media:

via Daniel Newman ?

  • You use hashtags in your email
  • You create a social media account for your pet
  • You update your status update (before anyone else comments)
  • You share EVERYTHING
  • You 'LIKE' your own post

6. Walk Away

Did you know that 61% of Facebook users admit to taking a "vacation" from the social network for two weeks or more according to a Pew study?The cause is simple. Social media burnout.With the enormous amount of time now spent online, taking a break is necessary to maintaining your sanity.[caption id="attachment_7378" align="alignnone" width="500"]

social media statistics

study via Morrison Foerster[/caption]Walk away from the computer and allow yourself to shut out the social media noise.There's no reason to tweet, post or comment 24/7. It will only serve to distract you and keep you from enjoying other important aspects of your life.Believe me when I say, there are effective ways to manage social media and you need to find them.You deserve a life outside of social media!

How do you beat social media burnout? I'd love to hear your top tip!

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