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Social Media Time Management Tools to Maximize Time Online

By Rebekah Radice

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Looking for the best social media time management tools?As you tweet, post, comment and curate, juggling daily can be tough.Our hyper-connected social media world is demanding.As days seem to accelerate and the to-do's pile up, managing time and focus can leave you feeling riddled with stress and frozen in a spiral of wasted energy.Between email, phone calls, projects and team meetings, it can seem that every time you turn around a new to-do has popped up. It’s easy to see why the days feel frantic when everything seems to be tugging at us all at once.Below are a few tips to manage your social media daily activities more effectively.

Social Media Time Management Tools to Maximize Time Online

I track phone calls, time spent on projects, and even the time I spend responding to friends and fans on Facebook.Stop wondering where the time went and take control with Focus Booster.I absolutely love this app! Download itto find the focus you need to get done what needs to be done.


Another handy tool is online stopwatch. With each of these timers, you are less likely to waste time chatting with a friend about your weekend plans when a stopwatch is counting down the minutes in front of you.

Be A Password Master

Do you find yourself scouring sticky note after sticky note for elusive passwords? If you're anything like me, this simply won't do when you're quickly moving in and out of one social media site to the next.Thank goodness for one of my absolute favorite social media time savers!Roboform is a password manager and web form filler that will help stop the madness! Here’s how it works:Visit your favorite website, login and Roboform will securely save your information. The next time you visit, Roboform will automatically log you in. Plus, you can access your Roboform logins from any computer with Roboform Everywhere. I could not live without it!

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Want to try Roboform? You can grab a free trial download right here.

Manage Your Time Spent Online

Who of us hasn’t found time slipping away as we mindlessly surf the web? RescueTime is a robust application that helps you identify how and where you are wasting your time online.


Once you set it up, it will run in the background, analyzing the amount of time spent on each website and application. Beware: It can be a real eye opener!

Shut Your Social Media Down

And last but not least, an app that will limit your time spent on social media so you can focus on what really matters most.Freedom Software is an app for Mac or PC users and will shut down your social media so you can leave the day feeling effective and productive!


Finally, realize that there are only 24 hours in a day and completely managing your time spent on social media is not going to happen.All you can do is manage the events, tasks and to-do’s as best as possible to alleviate additional stress.What are your top social media time management tips?

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