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The New Years Resolution You Won't Make

By Rebekah Radice

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We spent the evening with a few good friends last night, reflecting on 2009 and all that we looked forward to in 2010. A thought-provoking question was asked that made me wonder what your answer would be.

new year's resolutions

As you enter 2010, what would you absolutely NOT resolve to change in your life?

We hear so much about what we will change in the New Year:

This will be the year I stop smoking, lose weight or get to the gym more often. All of these are the typical "I could do it any time of the year" resolutions, yet somehow we find it easier to commit during this particular time than any other.

Let’s face it though, most of us make New Years resolutions we rarely keep because they’re stressful, produce an overwhelming amount of guilt when we don’t follow through and eventually lead to disappointment.

Why then should we start our New Year reflecting on what we dislike within in our lives? Why not instead reflect on the things that we loved about last year?

Those special people, memories and experiences that we want more of in our lives and simply will not part within 2010.

Granted, my big exclamation last night that "I will NOT give up my evening bowl of popcorn" may not be the most profound statement ever, but it is a resolution I plan on keeping!

Whether it’s silly or serious; drawing into your life those things that make you happy will create resolutions you can keep year after year.

So what is it for you? What will you commit to keeping, getting or having more of in your life???

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