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The Newbies Guide to Facebook Marketing

By Rebekah Radice

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How to Use the Top 3 Social Sites to Market Your Business

2011 proved to be an explosive year for social media. Millions of people flocked to top social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn eager to connect, converse and be heard . The numbers reveal what we hear every day. Using social media marketing in your business can be profitable if done right. In the first segment of my 3-part series we will start with a newbies guide to Facebook marketing and how you can begin to market your business with Facebook in a few simple steps!

Facebook Marketing in a Web 2.0 World

Facebook saw substantial growth and judging by the numbers shown in Ben Foster’s graph below, the sky is the limit when it comes to overall growth.

Facebook User Statistics in Millions

However, attracting new business is an ongoing challenge in the Web 2.0 digital era. As a sales professional, the opportunity to cast a larger net is intriguing. Social media while it seems to be a bit more personal then traditional media is truly no different then any other marketing campaign. If we lack strategy, focus and the ability to track our progress, frustration will inevitably set in.Succeeding in social media can happen if you understand where your time and energy is best spent. The key is to keep your eye and your attention on the top three social media platforms -- Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and put every other new “bell and whistle” aside.

Facebook Marketing for Newbies

Whether you connect personally or via a business page, Facebook gives potential customers the opportunity to get to know who you are, and what your business is all about in a very real way.Your first goal with Facebook marketing is to locate and connect with users that are in need of your services. So how can you find them?1. Plan Your Facebook PageFirst things first. Before diving into Facebook marketing, you must determine what type of information you will provide. Whether it’s home buyer tips, design tricks or how to plant a garden, make sure your content is relevant to your community. It should also motivate and inspire people to engage and interact with your page.Building a Facebook community takes time, but never forget that this is an extension of your business. You should always work to grab the attention of your fans and cause them to want to take action.Follow this formula on a daily basis to stay true to your message and your purpose:

Social Media Daily Schedule

2. Design Your Landing PageA landing page is nothing more than a single web page designed to capture leads.What will your offer consist of? If it’s a free report, you will need an opt-in form and the ability to capture a name and email. A free tool is Mailchimp or a paid option is AWeber.Include information about you and your service and of course contact information.You can design free landing pages with Pagemodo, WIX or Wildfire. Each one offers pre-created design templates that are simple to edit and pretty to look at for those concerned with color scheme, logo placement, etc…Once you have your design in place, it’s time to get on Facebook and start the creation process.3. Create Your Facebook PageOne of the main benefits of a business page versus your personal page is the fact that it will be seen by Google. If you have built a group in the past, the reason you want to consider building a page is:

  • Content of Fan page is seen by Google
  • Content of Group Pages is not seen by Google
  • No custom applications (like opt in page) allowed on Group Pages

An important part of this process is naming your page. Since your page will be indexed by Google, using keywords specific to your niche or area might be a better choice then using your own name. It really depends on how you have branded yourself up until this point. In my case, I brand my name, not a company or service. That may change in the future but for now I am the brand.Spend time thinking this piece through before moving forward. Facebook gives you one “do-over” to rename your page but that is only before you have 100 fans.Your Facebook page will be attached and managed through your personal profile. Once you are logged in, navigate to http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php.

Facebook Page Setup

Follow the step-by-step instructions to setup your Facebook page. Complete the info, bio and contact information to include your value proposition.

Next Steps

Craft your content, determine your posting strategy and stay consistent! Your Facebook fans will only engage if you provide valuable information that meets their needs. Poll your community often to ensure your message is being heard.Between Facebook insights and the various metric and analytic tools available, there is no reason you should blindly market. Measure and track your posts and engagement to make the most of your time and efforts!Up next in our 3-part series – How to Use Twitter to Market and Explode Your Business in 2012!

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