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The Powerful Hidden Benefits Behind Guest Blogging

By Rebekah Radice

4 min read

Guest blogging can be a powerful business building tool. Unfortunately, it is grossly underutilized and highly misunderstood by many aspiring bloggers.Building a credible blog that encourages active participation is one of the biggest hurdles all bloggers face . That is where guest blogging can help!

Why Guest Blog

When I first entertained writing guest posts, my questions were – why would I submit a guest post, how do I know where I want to guest post and most importantly - what’s in it for me?I needed to know why I would write anywhere other than my own blog and why I would pass along content that I had worked so hard to prepare?I had two main concerns:

  • That I would be pushing people towards a blog I didn’t own
  • Therefore I would have no control over that blog or my content

Both were valid concerns, but missed the mark. Guest blogging is not about control, it is about the community, engagement and relationships that you build.

Building Awareness through Quality Content

Guest blogging gives you the chance to seek out well established authority blogs that can increase the awareness and visibility of your online presence.Chances are an authority blog that has been around for a good amount of time has an established and loyal readership. Your job as a guest blogger is to offer inspiring and enlightening content that connects with their subscribers.With quality content, guest blogging can enhance your credibility and drive readers to your own blog where they can find content similar to their interests. The goal is to acquire readership and traffic that might not have found you otherwise.

Other benefits an authority blog can offer:

  • An increase in notoriety and an established or improved reputation within your given area of expertise
  • Buzz that goes viral when your post is tweeted and shared
  • Readers that are already interested in your niche
  • Improved search engine ranking

Before You Start Guest Blogging

The biggest mistake bloggers can make is requesting a guest blog spot before building a solid base of quality content. It is essential that you have at least a few articles on your own blog first before you try pushing people towards it.If you have a passion for your niche and are able to connect with your current reader base, more than likely that will translate to posts written on a blog with similar interests.

How to Get Started

Your first step is determining what value you will bring as a guest blogger. Then do your homework. Who are the leading or authority blogs within your niche? Is their content in line with yours and do you enjoy reading the blog? It goes a long way with a blog owner if you have personal experience with the authors content and feel that it's beneficial enough to share with your own community.Your next step is to reach out to the blog owner. A simple email requesting a guest post is where you will begin. This is where you want to keep it short, sweet and to the point. There is no need to drag out your request with pages of links. Include a few relevant links to your previous articles along with an explanation as to why you feel their blog and your content are a perfect match. Make sure you express why you are interested and what you currently write about.Guest blogging can be your ticket to heightened online awareness, improved readership and increased blog traffic. Will you take advantage of this business booster?

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