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Top 5 Reasons You Should Blog on Active Rain

By Rebekah Radice

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why blog on active rain

I had the privilege of speaking at a Mortgage Technology Summit in Denver, CO last week about the power of Active Rain. I spoke from my own experience and discussed the benefits that I feel are often overlooked.One of the biggest bonuses of your Active Rain account is an Outside Blog. Now I understand that upgrading to a RainMaker account can feel like another way the industry nickel and dimes us to death. Believe me; I too had the same hesitation in taking on another monthly fee. However, the explosion I’ve seen within my business in the 6 short months since I’ve upgraded and become an active part of the community has rocked my world.Since February 2011 I’ve been asked to write for Scotsman Guide, The Niche Report, My FHA Mortgage Blog (now Mortgage Daily) and several other industry blogs. As you can imagine, being recognized for your work is a huge pat on the back to an aspiring writer! Beyond that I’ve established new and amazing partner relationships, completed 10 new online loan applications and had my best production month of the year in May 2011.I attribute all of this to my new perspective, new found blogging mojo and the extraordinary Google juice Active Rain blogs bring to your content.If you’ve been reluctant to blog or engage with this community, let me give you my Top 10 Reasons to Blog on Active Rain. They are of course my personal takeaways from the last several months and were in no way coerced or encouraged by anyone within Active Rain. (Silly but an often required disclaimer)

Roll Out Your Active Rain Blog in Minutes

Active Rain offers all of the tools you need to quickly and effortlessly get your blog up and running in a matter of minutes. There is plenty of other customization and optimization you can do but if you want to start blogging asap without the fuss of Wordpress, Blogger or other platforms that require additional work – AR is the place to start!

Active Rain is Blog SEO on Crack

If you’re still skeptical about the so-called SEO benefits of an Active Rain blog, then you haven’t been paying attention to the community success stories.Active Rain is like an online shopping mall and your blog is the store. AR drives the traffic to us and all we need to do is market & promote ourselves to that targeted audience.

Build Your Brand & Your Niche

Your Active Rain blog and profile allow you the freedom to create and build the brand you want. Are you still stuck in the “static” website rut? Fresh and consistent content is key to prospective clients finding you on the web. Don’t think of blogging as a replacement to your current marketing efforts, but rather an extension of what you’re already doing. Blogging and social media give you the ability to extend your brand beyond the limits formally placed on business’ through traditional marketing. Think big and build the brand you’ve dreamed of!

Connect with like-minded professionals

Active Rain brings together like-minded professionals that freely offer their time, support, wisdom and knowledge on a daily basis. Becoming active within the community gives you strength to push through the tough days and a cheerleading section when you’re ready to celebrate a win. The added bonus is the FREE education you receive through the Active Rain team and members.

Become the Local Expert

Blogging about local community events is a great way to connect with buyers and sellers researching your particular area. Blogging about frequently asked homebuyer questions or providing solutions to sellers positions you as the local expert within your field.Your Active Rain blog gives you the opportunity to define your niche and spotlight your knowledge. Blog about what you know and find unique ways to connect both online and offline with potential clients and businesses within your community.I could go on and on about the power of Active Rain and the difference blogging can make in your career, but I won’t. I’ll just leave you with this.If you’ve been bashful, fearful, self-conscious, shy, timid or just plain scared to blog then my advice is the same as Nike: Just DO IT. Put away the excuses and pick up the pen. Blogging will transform your business and Active Rain will give you the juice to succeed.

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