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7 Creative Ways To Use Pinterest To Cross-Promote Your Business

By Rebekah Radice

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Are you using Pinterest to cross-promote and grow your business?If not, you're missing an opportunity!A unique, image-based networking platform, Pinterest is a tool designed with the creative marketer in mind.Below are 7 ways to use Pinterest for business and support your additional online and social media marketing efforts.

7 Creative Ways To Use Pinterest for Business

1. Custom Product

Create a custom board that showcases a specific product. Pin various images, including a description that tells the story behind the product.You will pin images from your blog, website, Facebook, Google+ page, or even landing or marketing page. Each pin will then create a link back to the original content, cross-promoting that particular channel.Let's say you sell coffee makers. We’re going to use this example due to my love of coffee and my almost compulsive need to find the “perfect” machine. So, humor me.You have done your homework and know exactly who your target market is and what they’re looking for. You are now going to share that knowledge through Pinterest boards.What are the unique features or accessories that make your product special? (e.g. pause and serve, integrated pods, built-in grinder or permanent filter)Pin those images and make sure your board name identifies exactly what you are trying to convey. It might look something like this, “How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee.” Do you think a few people are searching based on that exact question? I would say yes!

2. Featured Pinners

This idea draws upon your followers as well as past and potential clients for content. If you suspect you already have a loyal following who would love to help spread the word about your product or service or you know that you have fans actively pinning content from your website, ask if they would like to pin to a group board.A group board allows you to add members who can then begin pinning content directly to your board.There are several benefits behind this strategy:

  • You have a small “marketing team” pinning on your behalf
  • Every time they or anyone pins to the shared board, followers of that pinner will see that content thereby extending your reach
  • This content is created and customized for your audience

Contests or sweepstakes always present a great cross-promotion opportunity on Pinterest. Since Pinterest is a visual platform, pinning the creative produced for your giveaway along with a call to action allows you to promote your sweeps while boosting visibility of your various other social or online properties.Whether you are running a contest on Facebook or a sweepstakes on your website, use Pinterest to drive traffic to that site. How? Besides pinning your contest graphic, consider pinning:

  • Contest guidelines
  • Little known facts about your giveaway
  • Answers to FAQ about your prize (what does it do, who does it help and how will it make the consumers life better)
  • A timeline of events if you have multiple giveaways during your sweepstakes

4. Market Research

Do you frequently analyze market data and provide valuable insight to consumers? Turn that data into eye-catching images, Infographics and data-driven creatives.

5. Videos

Are you creating how-to, educational or informational videos that are housed elsewhere on the web? Well, get pinning!Showcase your videos by creating specialty Pinterest boards designed to provide an easy way to categorize and sort your videos so clients can easily locate what they are looking for.Does a pet grooming company offer simple how-to videos that pet owners can use at home? Break those down into unique boards that are SEO optimized for optimal exposure. What does this mean? Take your time making your title as true to the “what” behind your videos. That is, what will the consumer find, get out of and benefit from your videos.Again, as a pet grooming company, you might have boards called:

  • Pet Training Videos
  • Pet Potty Training Videos
  • Pet Leash Training Videos

You catch my drift. Make it as easy as possible for anyone searching and stumbling upon your Pinterest page to know exactly what type of content you offer.

6. Coupons

Do you offer daily coupons promoting a special service or feature within your business? Pin it!Create a board that includes past and present coupons. Why? It allows new followers to see what type of coupons you have offered in the past and gives them a clear sense of whether or not they want to keep up with future offers.It also allows you to pin new coupons and share that link on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to drive traffic back to Pinterest. The goal is to create a board that becomes your “coupon hub.”

7. Local Content

If you are a local company frequently writing content designed for your city, neighborhood or community, give it a boost by pinning it to Pinterest.Create a local board that shares training or workshops taking place in your office, presentations or events you will be holding in and around the city, events you are hosting or supporting within the community, local hotspots or favorite sights to see.Excellent content is all around you. Giving it a second life on Pinterest creates fresh momentum by providing an “evergreen” hub to house it in.

How do you use Pinterest to creatively cross-promote your business?

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