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How to Use Social Media to Future-Proof Your Business

By Rebekah Radice

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The online world is changing at a rapid pace. Not a day goes by without an advance in technology. But with this never-ending transformation, how do you ensure your business stays ahead?

The key is adopting a future-proof strategy that allows social media to act as your first line of defense. As an insulator, social media can protect you from those waves of change that threaten to derail your company. Not sure where to begin? Tune in for this episode of Brand Authority Podcast, where I share exactly how to do that.

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Highlights From Episode 11

1. Don't rely on a single social network

With so many social networks, picking one to focus on can be overwhelming… but it doesn’t have to be. Do your research to understand where your audience is spending their time. Know what type of content they're looking for and what problems are worth solving. A great way to do this is to start a listening campaign. Go to:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Look at your audience and your competition. Now answer the following questions.


  • What content are your followers sharing?
  • What content are they interacting with?
  • What conversations are they having?
  • What social network(s) are they active on?


  • What topics is your competition talking about?
  • What content are they interacting with?
  • What content are they sharing?
  • How are they positioning their solution?
Future Proof Your Business with Social Media

Source: Accion

Don't spread yourself out, trying to be everywhere. Instead, set up a home base on 2-3 social networks that are right for you, and commit to them. Then you can focus on drilling down into your audience’s wants and needs within each network and building a strong presence.

2. Commit to the long game

Don't fall victim to the shiny object syndrome, chasing after each new network, strategy, or tactic. Social media isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. You want to be in it for the long run. This means you need to set actionable social media objectives and understand how they support business growth. You'll never know the full capabilities of a network or process if you don't commit to showing up consistently. If you let people see that YOU show up on a consistent basis, that consistency will push you towards credibility, authority, and ultimately, success.

3. Focus on relationships

Building relationships on social media is critical to future-proofing your business. You can't just send a few tweets or like a few posts and expect people to invest in your brand. Take the time to get to know your audience - the people talking (or looking) for the same thing your business has to offer. To accomplish this, do some research within each of the social networks. Search out your keywords and identify conversations around those topics.

Future Proof Your Business with Social Media

Start using those hashtags in your posts, and give people a chance to find and connect with you. This will help you build credibility, awareness, and relationships with people in that industry.

4. Build a rock-solid brand

Perhaps the most important way to future-proof your business is to create a brand that's instantly identifiable and one people trust.

Future Proof Your Business with Social Media

Source: Trend N'Com

For that, you need to translate all the characteristics that make up your brand, across social media.

You can start by identifying your WIN:

  • Who: Who are you speaking with?
  • Issues: What problems do you solve?
  • Need: What are their specific needs?

Your answers will become the driving force behind your use of social media and how you brand your business online. After all, once you understand your WIN, you'll be able to speak to the Who, the Issues, and the Need in a clear and concise way.

Final thoughts

As a startup or small business, ensuring that the wave of online change doesn't pull you under is more important than ever.If you commit to the 4 strategies I shared in this podcast, you'll be able to use social media to strengthen your brand and future-proof your business.

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