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What Clients Want to Hear but You Aren’t Saying

By Rebekah Radice

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We run through our days of meetings, deadlines and presentations only to find that the message we are sharing isn’t one that resonates with our clients.If we take a moment to listen to ourselves we may find that what we are saying isn’t what our clients want to hear.Maybe we weren’t really listening or maybe we gave the easy answer.Whatever the case may be, in a market shrouded by worry and fear our clients deserve nothing short of the truth.

What Can I Expect?

My initial reaction is, “now there’s a loaded question.” Navigating the real estate market and all of the pitfalls throughout the loan process is similar to a lazy stroll through a minefield. This makes our role as guidance counselor more imperative than ever.Clients need to know that they can lean on our knowledge and expertise throughout the home buying process.Setting proper expectations includes painting a clear picture of the entire process from beginning to end. Setting expectations up front will reduce stress and enable all parties to work together rather than fighting the process every step of the way.

What Sets You Apart

Your clients are dying to know who you are and what makes you tick. What are the unique qualities that set you apart from your competition? Is it your determination, your grittiness, your attention to detail, your willingness to dive in no matter the situation or is it your distinct ability to foresee challenges and overcome each one before it becomes an issue?No matter what it is that makes you YOU, don’t keep it a secret! Those special qualities define not only who you are but encompass all that your business represents to your client.

What Have You Done for Me Lately Syndrome

Once you allow your clients to understand who you are and what they can expect, they might begin to trust you. The problem is, the value you offer today may not be what they need tomorrow.It is your job to continuously seek out opportunities to educate and enhance their transaction. Want to know what your clients need? ASK them! They will always be happy to tell you.

Will You Pull Any Punches

Clients are worthy of your honest and reliable guidance. Take one misstep and they will sense it immediately. Do not withhold important details and make sure the bad news is given immediately.Set the ground rules by clearly setting the expectations and then communicate regularly as their transaction progresses.

Are You Reliable

And last but not least, our clients want to know if they can rely on us when push comes to shove. Will you look out for their best interests and protect them in situations that fall inside your area of expertise?Give them your sage advice at the exact moment they need it. Prove to them that you are dependable, trustworthy and willing to go the extra mile when it comes to the largest financial decision they will ever make.

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