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Why an Insanely Compelling Blog Post Title Matters

By Rebekah Radice

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write great blog post titles

Blog post titles are powerful.An insanely compelling blog title can make the difference between a highly read post and one that dies an untimely death.That perfect blog post title can maximize your exposure and increase your reach. It has the ability to make your reader take notice and cause them to take immediate action.

Why a Compelling Title Matters

Think of your post title as the welcome sign at the front door of your business. Do you want an attention grabbing sign that beckons readers in or one that offers a dull glimpse inside a lifeless blog? I can’t imagine the jury is out on this one.The challenge for most bloggers is to create tantalizing and persuasive blog titles while making them search engine friendly.Optimization and creativity don't typically go hand-in-hand. Combining those two elements can be tricky and downright frustrating at times.So how can you kick your titles up a notch? Begin with a clear understanding of your goals.

Blog Titles Should Have 4 Goals:

  1. Arouse curiosity and create excitement - With the evolution of social media, your content will likely be shared by friends, followers and fans. Creating buzz through a captivating title can be a powerful way to spread the word about your blog without any keyword optimization.
  2. Provide an honest description of your content - Give any reader the ability to grasp the content of your post by simply scanning through your titles. There's nothing more frustrating then a blog post title that makes a claim the content does not follow through on.
  3. Give a compelling reason to take immediate action - Give your reader (and potential subscriber) a solid reason to click through to your post. Keep in mind: a compelling title needs meat to back it up. If you offer a strong case up front, make certain that your content supports your assertion.

The first three goals are the why, what and how of your article. Number four is the where that puts your blog on the map.

Your 4th Goal | Why Keywords Matter

While content is still King, keywords are the reigning Queen of your blog.Keywords are the words or phrases that people type into search engines when looking for information on a specific topic. In essence, keywords can make or break your search engine optimization and ultimately kill a consumers ability to find your website or blog.Let’s take a look at an example: If you write a post on "Facebook Marketing for Beginners," the consumer might actually type in “how to market with Facebook” or “get started with Facebook marketing.”This is why it is important that you use words or phrases in your post that:

  • Your potential client would actually type into a search engine
  • Would not be used by every blog on the web (short tail vs long tail keywords)
  • Would also be used throughout your post without feeling forced

If you can create a blog post title that grabs readers attention and is search engine optimized, you have hit a home-run! Just make sure that your keywords are relevant and flow organically within your post. This is crucial for two reasons:

  1. Keywords reflect your niche and allow readers (and search engines) insight into what your focus or specialty is all about.
  2. The more specific your keywords are to your blog or websites overall content, the better your search engine rankings will be. Do not try to force words or phrases in to your content without it feeling natural.

Start your research with these free keyword research tools:

Important Next Steps

Go back through your most recent posts. Is there one that could use a little punch? Keep it short, but thought provoking. Let your creativity flow, but also do your research. Determine what people are searching for in your particular topic or niche.

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