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You're Talking, but Is Anyone Listening?

By Rebekah Radice

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I love social media. I wake up to see what happened on Facebook while I was asleep, keep up with my friends on Twitter, check in at the latest restaurant on Foursquare and find my favorite blogs (insert favorite “authors”) in Google Reader. So when I say I love social media, I might lead you to believe that it’s all just fun and games. You would be wrong.But here’s a simple fact - the majority of businesses on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are wasting their time. Why? They don’t use social media effectively to leverage their brand.We all know social media impacts what we read, what we buy, what movies we see and even the way we view Hollywood stars. #Winning? I think not.In fact, a recent survey shows that we’ve become such a “social” society that 30% of men polled and 46% of women would rather go two weeks without sex than live without the internet. WOW! Are you kidding me? I said I love social media, but I wasn’t going that far!So what exactly should we be doing to increase reader engagement and connect with the very consumers we’re eagerly attempting to attract? First we must focus on what our “social interaction” goals are. Ask yourself:

  • Who is my customer?
  • How am I reaching them?
  • Do they care about my message?
  • Are they listening?

If they’re not listening, what is it that they’re not relating to? Have you spelled out in clear terms what you have to offer, what they can’t live without and how you can solve the problem they’re faced with?Social interaction and business marketing combine two incredible forces. By going social with your marketing efforts, you have the opportunity to interact, captivate and call your fans, friends and followers to action. But this means that as a business owner and entrepreneur you not only need to be listening to your customers, but you must find a way to get their ear.

What's the Point?

  • What am I using Social Media for?
  • Whose attention am I trying to gain?
  • What is my style or personality and how will that shine through?
  • Am I staying true to my message?

Getting your customers and potential clients to actively “listen” to your message means you must refine your communication. Focus on what your customer wants; ask yourself everyday whether your message is what they’re interested in and stay true to your goals.Your social interaction whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Active Rain should be an extension of who you are and a constant reminder to prospects, past clients and referral partners that you’re here to assist when they’re ready to make a move.

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