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Brewing Epiphanies

Battling writer's block is like pouring the perfect latte. Experiment, brew multiple projects, take breaks, and find inspiration.

By Susan Rov

1 min read

Overcoming writer's block is as challenging as pouring the perfect tulip pattern on a latte. As a barista of words, I’ve encountered my fair share.

Staring at the blank screen is like gazing at an empty coffee mug—no amount of waiting can fill it with inspiration. So, I decided to switch up my approach and experiment by brewing multiple projects simultaneously.

Stories poured in faster than I could craft them. Inspiration splashed around my mind like americanos lining up for the morning rush.

For a moment, I thought I had reached the end of the queue. But my thoughts were scattered, darting from one coffee cup to another.

That's when I had an epiphany.

Sometimes, you just need to step away from the espresso machine and take a breather. For me, going for a run is the best way to refocus and create the right swirl for inspiration.

Susan Rov

About Susan Rov

Susan traded cocktails and lattes for words that move. As a copywriter on a mission to end boring, she brightens brands and makes an impact. Number 463 on the list of fiction readers left standing, you'll find Susan at sunrise—running, writing, and wondering how to change the world next. That drive led her to become a founding team member of BRIL.LA.