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Cast of "The Great" in the style of Tamara de Lempicka


Bust Writer's Block with This Trick

Need fresh ideas for copy? Try asking the characters of your favorite TV show.

By Kristen Dahlin

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The characters in every TV show have different worldviews. How problems and conflicts are solved depends on the multiple personalities at play, something we writers can’t exactly bring to the table in our solo shows.

If your writing is starting to feel like an endless monologue, try my trick to switch up your perspective.

Take your favorite characters from TV and pose your writing challenge to them to generate fresh angles.

Writing the script

My go-to is the cast of "The Great," but any ensemble show will do. Here's what to do:

1. Meet your characters

Figure out what makes your chosen characters so unique. From “The Great” example, Catherine is full of grand ideas but can’t put a realistic plan into action.

Peter doesn’t care about small details as long as he gets to have fun and not think too hard.

2. Unfold the plot

Treat your topic like the main dilemma that has to be resolved by the end of an episode.

3. Throw your characters at the problem

Have each of your chosen characters tackle the following. What's the:

  • Main point to convey?
  • Plan of attack to convey it?
  • Questions they'd have about the plan?
  • Things they like about it?
  • Things they'd hate?

And scene! Now you have several differing perspectives to jazz up your copy.*


  • Binge "Succession" with a glass of wine
  • Practice brainstorming a topic with the cast

*Voices in your head not included

Kristen Dahlin

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