Smooth-Talking or Historian

Susan Rov
February 9, 2023
min read
Writers in a Match in the Style of Picasso
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The wordsmiths’ showdown

Word slingers unite! You’re about to witness the long-awaited bout between two top-rated contenders. In the right corner, the silver-tongued copywriter and in the left corner, the imagination-infused content writer.

Who’s your pick to win gold in the content writer vs copywriter Battle Royale -- or at least the glittering trophy made of foil-wrapper chocolate?

Selecting the right training camp

If you’re getting ready for the world title, you might be wondering which training camp will give you the most bang for your buck as a freelancer.

The answer depends on your writing savvy, the ink you want to spill, and the folks you aim to impress with your quill.


Should have a knack for sales, marketing, and persuasion. They tend to bring home more bacon because they can throw a solid punch that increases conversions. But they might need to be on a never-ending scavenger hunt for clients during the on and off seasons of sale and promo cycles.

Content writers

Might have to make it out of the trenches of the freelancer platforms where newbies are charging peanuts. But once they pair their brevity with content strategy or SEO skills, they can land impressive jabs that create brand awareness and drive organic traffic to the site.

The best of both worlds?

An illustration showing the difference between copywriting and content writing.

Can’t stand the FOMO when choosing only one? It’s possible to enlist in both if that’s what your overachieving soul craves.

But as you’ve seen, the two pros require different skills inside the ring. And while sparring with everyone might work for you in the early rounds, it changes later.

As you discover which of your shots guarantee the best knockout, sticking with one camp will help you excel.

And the winner is…

So who takes home the belt? We’re sorry to disappoint but content writer vs. copywriter is a split-draw. The athletes need the cheering and hollering of the crowd to give their all-star performance.

With the marketers providing a standing-ovation the copywriter gets the winning dance. If the arena is filled with clients who need a digital footprint, the content writer will get their shot.

Meanwhile, small businesses are sitting outside boycotting the whole event and looking for someone who can do it all.

Whichever camp you choose, don’t make the mistake of soliciting too many opinions. You may just end up ditching your next masterpiece.

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