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Downside of Grammarly

Understand why we should pay more attention to Murphy's wisdom and leave good enough alone.

By Susan Rov

1 min read

As creatives, we don’t always follow a recipe. But there are some ingredients that you shouldn't mess with. Getting the grammar wrong in your writing is like adding salt instead of sugar.

It leaves a bad taste in the mouths of your audience.

When editing content, it’s easy to make a mistake with the wrong seasoning. That’s why we got a Grammarly account for our team.

We hoped it would be our chef who would ensure that all dishes are worthy of Michelin.

Turns out the software has a different taste. It keeps suggesting too many commas and almost always misses the context.

So instead of helping, it gets in the way.

Even though we tend to ignore Grammarly's suggestions, it’s good to have an extra kitchen hand to catch potential mistakes.

We wonder when the AI chefs will get the grammar-checking recipe right.

Susan Rov

About Susan Rov

Susan traded cocktails and lattes for words that move. As a copywriter on a mission to end boring, she brightens brands and makes an impact. Number 463 on the list of fiction readers left standing, you'll find Susan at sunrise—running, writing, and wondering how to change the world next. That drive led her to become a founding team member of BRIL.LA.