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Digital Marketing

Younger Crowds

Don’t get distracted by shiny new things. Stick with what works.

By Susan Rov

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One of the most important things to learn about your audience are their preferences. How they like to be messaged, where, and when. It helps to know where they’re hanging out online and what kind of content they find engaging.

When targeting specific generations within your audience, having a deep understanding of the nuances can make or break your messaging. That's where generational marketing segmentation comes in.

Little big things

To engage a younger crowd you could work with content creators or micro influencers. Keeping in mind that relatable and authentic experiences are very important for engagement.

If you’re looking for a 👍🏽 from Generation X and boomers, emphasize product quality and customer service in addition to keeping it real.

Sometimes, your data may not be in a place for segmentation yet. Which means, you’re serving up a feast that needs to make everyone say yum. Here’s some of the key ingredients to include:

  • They want to hear from the brands they trust
  • Email is numero uno, except for Generation Z who prefer social
  • Smart personalization is key

A good strategy?

Don’t get distracted by shiny new things. Stick with what works especially with those who love you already. Test new and improved ways to keep them delighted and engaged.

In 2023, personalization means a lot more than adding Hi [first-name, fallback:there] at the beginning of the email. It means sharing content that’s relevant, on the topics they’re interested in, and the kind of stuff they’ve engaged with in the past or explicitly asked for.

The data

This report by Data Axle takes a deep dive into generational marketing preferences. Besides making us feel old, it reveals one of the main reason consumers give you a follow or subscribe.

To get access to sales, deals, offers, and of course the memes.

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