Page Turner

Susan Rov
April 4, 2023
min read
AI racing in the Style of Roy Lichenstein
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🤖 The gist

Trying to master a new skill can be overwhelming.

When I started copywriting, it felt like stepping into a vast library. There was an endless amount of material to learn from.

As a devoted bookworm, I eagerly opened the pages of every resource available.

I completed courses, listened to podcasts, and joined masterclasses. I believed that learning from industry leaders would guarantee my success.

My bookshelf kept growing.

But my client list didn't.

I was so obsessed with trying to read everything that I forgot to put my knowledge to use.

Then, I realized that the theory was just the beginning of the story. I needed some real-world experience to hone my skills.

The good thing was that the expertise I gained in my reading nook paid off. It gave me the knowledge to excel in my craft—once I finally put it to practice.

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