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Optimize Your Data Tracking Strategy

Identify the key user characteristics you need to ace your personalization data plan. Here's how we do it at Hey Rebekah.

By Kristen Dahlin

2 min read

Leveraging personalization insights with your data tracking strategy is a supercharged way to continuously improve your user product.

Beyond tracking standard analytics, you can cherry-pick key user characteristics to create a personalization plan that serves what your users need when they need it.

Here’s how we do it at Hey Rebekah.

What we track

Hey Rebekah’s mission is to help freelancers achieve financial freedom, get better at what they do, and be happier. We ask our subscribers for specific data to help personalize their experience and surface relevant resources for where they’re at.

Here’s a breakdown of the data behind each of our three main goals.

Financial freedom

To help us figure out if we’re accomplishing our mission of helping freelancers make more money and attain financial freedom, we need to know what their money situation is like. So, we ask for:


Getting better at what they do

With a goal of upskilling freelancers, we ask our subscribers a handful of questions to get a measure of what they do and how good they are at it already.

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Be happier

This one is simple but powerful. We just have one happiness rating question in our personalization survey, tracked by “signupHappiness.” As our subscribers' journey continues, we can track if their happiness is improving. And if their happiness is improving, our happiness is improving. See how that works?


  • Swipe this file of Hey Rebekah's personalization data tracking plan
  • Brainstorm what data you could collect to help you achieve organizational goals
  • Build key user characteristics into your plan
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