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Trends in AI

ChatGPT Does Ryan Reynolds

AI Ryan Reynolds? The possibilities are endless. Don't worry; this video will only take a minute.

By Raquel Radice

5 min read

Businesses everywhere are slashing their marketing budgets. But, who needs marketing when you've got ChatGPT?

Mint Mobile recently used ChatGPT to write copy for their ad to remind everyone about the extension of their holiday savings.

It won't be long until we have AI versions of Ryan Reynolds running around doing all his work, so he can finally just stay home with his kids.

Raquel Radice

About Raquel Radice

Raquel lives for the thrill of new horizons. Twelve years at Apple fueled her appetite for learning and honed skills in tech, PM, marketing and beyond. Restless curiosity led Raquel to BRIL.LA, where she ensures seamless days and butt-kicking outcomes.