Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT Productivity

Susan Rov
March 9, 2023
min read
Rocking and rolling with ChatGPT
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🤖 The gist

Things are really starting to rock and roll at Hey Rebekah.

We can’t seem to crank things out fast enough. One of the places we could fine-tune was the amount of time we spent coming up with ideas. Just like playing an instrument, we kept repeating the same notes.

To get our songs out faster, we started using ChatGPT. This allowed us to focus on the creative stuff while the AI helped us warm up and get through brainstorming.

As we realized the possibilities with generative AI, we found ourselves getting distracted.

We couldn't stop ourselves from creating new tunes and mashups. Before we knew it, these extravagant remixes took us completely off track.

To keep a rhythm, we synced up our pace and started using AI in a more focused way.

Now we’re back in the groove.

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