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Coffee and $14 Franzia

We can't give up our life-giving elixirs.

By Rebekah Radice

1 min read

It's been a faced back weak....fast paced week! In all the morning hustle, it occurred to us that we overlooked something so simple. So without further adieu...

Good morning, good morning, good morning!

That's one for each day we missed.

The question is, how long will they remain good? In recent times we've been somewhat desensitized to overwhelming news. Though, we're not sure we can handle reports coming from the former White House chef.

He suggests that stuff like wine, chocolate, shellfish, rice, and coffee are in danger due to global warming. Some of these commodities are part of our soul.

Coffee helps us maintain our sunny personality and chocolate rounds out our balanced diet. $14 boxes of Franzia have reliably been there for us in times like this.

So if you notice us sliding, just know: We're dealing with the prospect of functioning like humans without the life-giving elixirs of ☕️🍫🍷🥹.

Rebekah Radice

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