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Conquer the Carousel

Spin the carousel in your favor and craft compelling social media content. Swipe these three carousel formulas, get inspired by our example and start implementing them.

By Susan Rov

4 min read

It's 2023 and Instagram is feeling nostalgic. After the boom in Reels, it’s bringing carousels back into full swing—and they're turning heads. Why wouldn’t they? With the chance to show off more than a simple one-timer, carousels are your ticket to the Engagement Express.

But wait, don't just slap a few photos onto your post and expect followers to flock to your account like kids to a cotton candy stall. The real crowd-pleaser? Crafting slides that engage your audience for the whole ride.

You'll need a showstopper cover, visual candy that screams 'quality,' and copy that's more thought out than your Thursday night plans. Don't sweat, though. These templates will make the carousel spin in your favor.

1. Storytelling formula

  • Slide 1: Lure them in with an intriguing teaser that makes them want to know, "What's next?"
  • Slides 2-4: Dive into a relatable and engaging narrative. Highlight a problem your audience faces that is as daunting as the highest peak of a rollercoaster.
  • Slide 5: Show up as the hero, swooping in with your offerings to rescue them from the terrifying drop.
  • Slide 6: Seal the deal with a strong call-to-action (CTA) that points them to the ride exit gift shop. This could be following your page, visiting your website, or contacting you for a consultation.2. Problem

Agitate-solution (PAS) formula

  • Slide 1: Identify a common pain point your target audience faces.
  • Slide 2: Agitate the problem by delving deeper into the associated challenges or frustrations. Make them realize they’re lost in the hall of mirrors.
  • Slide 3: Show them the exit door leading to a sunny paradise outside.
  • Slide 4: Introduce your solution as a map guiding them toward the exit door.
  • Slide 5: Toss in extra perks and features of the solution.
  • Slide 6: Finish off with a fireworks display of a CTA.

3. Listicle carousel formula

  • Slide 1: Hook them with a shiny clue they want to follow.
  • Slide 2: Promise them a treasure trove of solutions for their nagging problems.
  • Slides 3-6: Provide easy-to-digest gems of wisdom, each briefly explaining its priceless value.
  • Slide 7: Share the secret map for implementing your wisdom.
  • Slide 8: Let them know you're ready to join their adventure and end with an exciting CTA.


Follow this copy template for your next post:

Slide 1: <Insert short controversial statement that will capture your audience’s attention>
Slide 2: Here are <insert number of solutions> you can <insert desired outcome>.
Slide 3-5: <share the promised number of solutions>
Slide 6: <insert desired specific outcome> will not only <insert the primary benefit>, it will also <insert engaging surprising or entertaining associated benefit>.
Slide 7: If you want more actionable and easy <insert your area of expertise> tips like this, <insert desired CTA>.

Here’s an example:

Slide 1: Your salads suck.
Slide 2: Here are 3 different ways you can make your salads less boring.
Slide 3: Add texture. Think crunchy croutons, snappy seeds, or nutty nibbles. They add an exciting plot twist to your everyday lettuce and tomatoes.
Slide 4: Don’t ditch the dressing. A salad without dressing is PB without jelly. Incomplete and disappointing. Whip up a homemade vinaigrette or creamy yogurt goodness.
Slide 5: Carbs belong in salads too. You’ve read that right. Add some quinoa, beans, or potatoes to your green concoctions. These additions will prevent you from heading straight to the snack cupboard after the last bite of greens.
Slide 6: Making salads that fill you up and get you excited about your lunch break will not only improve your health, but also give you a killer physique that will make your ex seethe with jealousy on social media.
Slide 7: If you want more actionable and easy nutrition tips like this, click the link in my bio and download my free “Eating yourself fit” guide.
Susan Rov

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Susan traded cocktails and lattes for words that move. As a copywriter on a mission to end boring, she brightens brands and makes an impact. Number 463 on the list of fiction readers left standing, you'll find Susan at sunrise—running, writing, and wondering how to change the world next. That drive led her to become a founding team member of BRIL.LA.