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Cryptic Concepts

Don't be a math-challenged marketer chasing trends. Understand your audience, solve their problems, and create valuable content.

By Ambreen Dar

1 min read

If there’s one thing that makes my life difficult, it’s numbers. Engagement numbers, revenue numbers, follower numbers—too many equations to solve.

As a creative type, math has never been my strong suit. So when it came time to craft an acquisition plan, I approached it like an algebra problem.

In a gambit of poorly calculated guesses, I tried leveraging viral content and trending topics. I hoped to make some kind of conversion formula work in my favor. But jumping on random trends that aren't right for your audience is like memorizing the Pythagorean theorem.

Before I knew it, my feed was filled with posts that left my followers scratching their heads in confusion. I might as well have been solving trigonometry problems for a room full of literature enthusiasts.

After a series of facepalms and "why did I think that would work" moments, it hit me like a calculus concept finally sinking in.

Getting to know my audience, their key problems, and crafting content that provides real value. Nothing viral or buzzy required.

When it comes to social media, don't be a trend-chasing maniac. Craft your strategy around providing valuable content and solutions that your audience craves.

Ambreen Dar

About Ambreen Dar

Ambreen designs for thrillseekers. She left the classroom behind to chase adventures in publishing, then dove into digital marketing's deep end. New tricks abound, but Ambreen's four furry fans still think she's top dog. Alongside Rebekah and Sam, Ambreen makes BRIL.LA's magic - and wouldn't have it any other way.