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If Your Infosecurity is Whack, Expect a Hack

It's the end of the world as we know it...

By Rebekah Radice

3 min read

This is unbelievable! Okta's source code has been stolen. It's not like they're one of the leading providers of authentication and Identity Access Management (IAM), right?

But the truth is, we're all at risk. Of course, some a lot more than others. Yet, hackers are efficient beasts who don't discriminate. They're constantly attacking titans like Okta and runts alike. Wherever the spaghetti sticks.

Thus begins, our opinionated rant on infosecurity. It's not something we can ignore. Think about it like a lock in the offline world. How many things do we lock? Our cars, our bikes, our homes, the restroom.

We lock our $#!t for basic privacy, security, and safety. It's common sense.

The same thinking goes for infosecurity on the internet. Especially for those who make a living online—lockdown your $#!t.

Here's some ideas to get you started with creating secure passwords:

Strengthen your passwords

In 2014, all of Ambreen's passwords were ryangosling123. We get it, it's easy to remember and convenient. But it's like leaving a key under the front-door mat growing up.

The problem is, times have changed. The bad people who are out there know where to look.

We finally got Ambreen to take things seriously when her card was breached on Amazon Marketplace. Now, she has a unique password everywhere.

We couldn't push her all the way though. Her ATM password is still 1112, Ryan Gosling's birthday.

Use a zero-trust, no-knowledge password manager

There's a ton of password managers out there. Ironically, the most popular ones 1Password and LastPass have been hacked numerous times. 🤦🏽

We highly recommend you invest in a zero-trust, no-knowledge password manager like Keeper Security. We use it every day and it makes this problematic process more efficient.

With zero trust, you're the only one who has access to the encryption key. So even if they're hacked, your data is inaccessible unless your passkey is ryangosling123.

Just keep in mind if you lose your passphrase, you're screwed. And no, don't write it down or store it on your computer like someone we know, ahem...Ambre...

Complex passphrases

If you don't want to add another tool to your belt or are tightening the SaaS budget, just start using unique, complex passphrases. An easy way to think of this is like writing a sentence.


The example above is 30 characters in length, is variable, and is something Ambreen can remember. It would take a supercomputer longer than its worth to crack it, about 487,000 years.

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