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Ditching Couture

Designing social media graphics is like creating a fashionable outfit. Simplicity and audience appeal trump trendy software.

By Rebekah Radice

1 min read

Designing social media graphics? Ugh. It's like trying to put together an outfit for the launch of your new line. You want your visuals to stand out and leave everyone else in the dust.

So, naturally, I invested in the latest design software that all the trending accounts were using.

I mean, if everyone's doing it, it must be good, right?


I spent way more time than I should have trying to create graphics that were supposed to be attention-grabbing. It was like buying clothes that look great on the runway but are too complicated to wear.

Lesson learned: sometimes, simpler is better.

So, ditch the couture if it doesn't feel right and think twice about software that promises to be the next big thing.

Focus on creating visually appealing content that speaks to your audience, and they'll be hitting that like button faster than you can say Instagram.

Rebekah Radice

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Rebekah Radice, co-founder of BRIL.LA, has traded narcissism for purpose. When not driving growth, you'll find her tricking family into thinking she's Emeril Lagasse - likely covered in marinara. The spotlight was fun, but impact is better. These days she's using 20+ years of brand brilliance for good.