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Restricted Access

Inmates are nabbing contraband cell phones and... taking computer classes? Even better, Harvard is making it easier for them to do it.

By Ambreen Dar

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Inmates are taking the phrase 'doing time' to a whole new level, by taking online classes from behind bars. The appeal to learn computer science is off the charts!

Here's the interesting part. These classes aren't being offered in the prison curriculum. The inmates are using contraband smartphones to take online programs like Harvard University Professor David Malan's CS 50. 👏🏽 How's that for dedication!?
One inmate even leads a group chat of 300 other prisoners, all taking the same computer science course. Just epic!

But wait, it gets better. Harvard understands the needs of their users. To make the course more accessible, all of the CS50 videos and materials are downloadable for local use. 🤩 Perfect for when the signal gets patchy.

We have such admiration for students who are trying to acquire new knowledge and skills on their own, ever more so in circumstances like those.

Professor David Malan
Ambreen Dar

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