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Free Education Will Take Over the World

The idea behind Duolingo is pretty cool. Read about it here and how the founders took their idea to success.

By Rebekah Radice

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Duolingo is like having a personal language coach in the palm of your hand. It's fun, quirky and a hundred times less painful than the ol' textbook method. The app was released publicly in June 2012. It was developed by a Carnegie Mellon University professor—Luis von Ahn—and his grad student, Severin Hacker. Ain't that one of the coolest real world names you've heard in a long time?

From the very beginning, they had a purpose. Von Ahn's motivation to create Duolingo was as strong as Guatemalan coffee. He grew up in the country, where he witnessed the high cost of learning English first-hand.

Hacker, is a Swiss technologist on a mission to make education accessible to all. He believes that free education will really change the world. Way to go, Severin!

So why bring all of this up now? Aside from their huge success as an app, Duolingo is killing it on TikTok. They've got 5.7M followers and 113M Likes. Their content is off the hook and Duo the Owl is on a tear all over the world.

It's a perfect case study on how an idea becomes a product, a product becomes a business, and a business becomes a worldwide platform.

Rebekah Radice

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