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FlutterFlow Gets Supa(base) Charged

This integration is like a match made in heaven for mobile apps. Check it out and release your own app.

By Rebekah Radice

1 min read

FlutterFlow finally released its Supabase integration. FlutterFlow is like Webflow for mobile apps. Anyone with basic UX design chops can whip up a pretty slick mobile app for both iOS and Android in a few hours.

Earlier this year, we spit out two robust mobile apps for personal use on a Saturday. Yeah, no kidding! One to privately share updates and family photos amongst our team and another to keep track of spousal demands. We'll be diving in much deeper into both examples soon.

With Supabase, the sky's the limit. Flutter made things better, Firebase easier. FlutterFlow and Supabase give you magical supaflow-ers to build your next client project or MVP in a fraction of the time with enterprise-grade code, security, and extensibility.

Send us an email and tell us what you're going to build!

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