Web/Mobile/Software Development

Neverending Website Maintenance

Susan Rov
March 6, 2023
min read
An illustration of a mechanic fixing a huge server with sparks flying in the style of Miyazaki
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🤖 The gist

Maintaining client websites can be a pain.

Like weeding a garden, the updates take time. But avoiding the task can leave the site vulnerable to pests.

We thought that setting up a weekly routine would be an easy way to keep the site’s health thriving.

For a year, everything was rosy.

Then the web host changed some settings and things started to break. After the update, we had to spend extra hours clearing the weeds.

Luckily, we kept it simple when building the website. We didn’t create any hybrid or customized code.

This made restoring the site to its former glory much faster.

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