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WTF is Hey Rebekah

It's like Morning Brew for freelancers, without all the readers.

By Rebekah Radice

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Wow, can't believe this is our very first message. It's been a long time coming and we're pumped. To be honest, it's been quite a ride getting here.

From googling hip gen z slang to working with Rebekah's kids to understand millennial speak (OMG, Yahoo's still around), what a blast.

It's been an awakening, pun intended. Now we're here, so let's jump right in.

How did we get here you ask?

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Good question and a long story. We've been drumming up these plans for a little over 2 years now and they've evolved after several iterations. 9 website builds, 3 apps, +1,700 pages of content, +5,200 hours of collaboration, +22,000 miles of travel to be exact, and an infinite supply of Tums.

Ultimately, we realized that to make the most impact and achieve our mission, our stuff needs to be free. We'll figure out monetization later. At least, that's the assumption.

And here we are...

WTF is Hey Rebekah?

Hey Rebekah is the convergence of 1000's of questions from Rebekah's community and as much procrastination as we could get away with.

Hey Rebekah is a free daily newsletter. It's like Morning Brew for freelancers, the self-employed and pretty much everyone who wants to be their own boss. Those are some pretty big shoes to fill so we take this responsibility seriously.

We imagine a world where all self-employed professionals have equitable access to best-practices, knowledge, and tools to build thriving careers, make more money, and find their joy.

Our mission is to upskill the global workforce.

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Rebekah Radice

About Rebekah Radice

Rebekah Radice, co-founder of BRIL.LA, has traded narcissism for purpose. When not driving growth, you'll find her tricking family into thinking she's Emeril Lagasse - likely covered in marinara. The spotlight was fun, but impact is better. These days she's using 20+ years of brand brilliance for good.