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Let The Numbers Paint a Picture

We found ourselves in the Reddit rabbit hole and discovered gorgeous data visualizations.

By Rebekah Radice

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Throughout the day, we retreat to our private content curation sessions. In doing so, one of our favorite destinations is Reddit. With the caveat of not falling down the rabbit hole of the comments.

Recently, we stumbled upon a fascinating subreddit, r/coolguides. It's full of delightful how-tos and gorgeous data visualizations. In an age of storytelling, there's so much potential for us to weave complex datasets and insights into something relatable.

Take for example the Anatomy of Bowie's Lyrics by AZLyrics.com shown above. We're not focused on the data extrapolation but rather on the effectiveness of presentation.

It's an example of making data accessible because it's relatable. Regardless, we're in awe, singing "I absolutely love you".

"The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see."
John Tukey

Here's another breathtaking data visualization we discovered in the course of our Reddit trawling.

đź“ŤThe heart of the city

data visualization of the population of paris and london

Here’s a gorgeous data visualization comparing the French capital’s population to London’s. While there’s some debate over the data-set itself, we can’t deny how pretty this is to look at.

These visuals have a secret superpower. They make it easier for us mere mortals to make sense of complex data. They’re like reading glasses for your brain. All of a sudden, the numbers that once seemed like the screen from The Matrix now have meaning.

I spy with my

Data visualizations can also help us spot patterns and trends that we’d otherwise have missed. Kind of like playing a childhood game with numbers.

When done right, these charts help to serve as visual advisors. They make it easier to make informed decisions with confidence. We can quickly assess the pros and cons of different options, weigh them, and make a call based on the data.

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