Social Media Management

Epic Performance

Kristen Dahlin
April 6, 2023
min read
Robots Playing Music in the Style of Dali | HuggingFace by Stable Diffusion 2.1
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🤖 The gist

Focusing on vanity metrics is a bad idea.

Clients who do that, often have unrealistic expectations of their social media growth.

They're like aspiring rock stars creating cover art before the album is even dropped.

Once, we were hired by a client to help them scale their social media efforts. We found out that they had many purchased followers, mostly passive—like an audience that refused to sing along.

We explained our strategy and set realistic goals. We told them to prioritize actionable metrics and embrace organic growth.

It’s a process that requires patience.

But they didn’t listen.

The manager insisted on buying more followers and likes. We were left scratching our heads, wondering why they hired us in the first place.

We learned the importance of aligning our expectations with clients and confirmed the metrics that mattered.

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