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Experimental Projection Mapping

What do you get when you lock a college student in a room for 100 hours with an Amazon projector, a playlist from Spotify, and a lot of caffeine?

By Ambreen Dar

1 min read

Megumi Ikeda is a TikTok creator. Her profile's been blowing up for a while now with almost 2 million likes and over 100K followers hooked on her mad projection mapping skills. 🤯

And in case you're scratching your head, wondering projection what? 👇🏾

🤖 The gist by ChatGPT: Projection mapping is a technique used to project video or still images onto surfaces that are not flat, such as buildings, sculptures, and other irregularly shaped objects. This allows for the creation of dynamic and immersive visual experiences that can be used in a variety of settings, including live events, architectural installations, and advertising. The technique involves using specialized software to align the projected image with the contours of the surface it is being projected onto, in order to create a seamless and realistic effect.

Ambreen Dar

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