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Barilla's classic design porn FTW!

Simple equals memorable pasta-bilities with this holiday creative.

By Ambreen Dar

1 min read

What's not to love about this oldie-but-a-goodie design? We've been referring to this piece as an example of effective holiday branding and creativity for a few years now.

Ad from Barilla with Pasta shaped like fireworks

Did you receive anything that stood out like this? If so, share them with us for the community.

And if you need more inspo from Barilla on the advertising front, take a look at another carb-positive creation from the pasta titans.

Barilla Playlist on Spotify

We've been big fans of Barilla's digital presence for a while.

It turns out that their creativity has endless pasta-bilities! While speeding through the Twitterverse, we came across a tweet by @mojcamars that set off fireworks in our marketing brains.

Barilla's official Spotify account is pasta-tively amazing. We gnocchi you'll love it too. But they took it further than just being clever with the playlist names. Helping to battle the ever-important problem of overcooked pasta, they came out with a way you can get your al dente without any fusilli-ness.

Just follow Barilla on Spotify. Each one of their eight freshly made playlists is tortellini awesome and timed to the cooking duration of the pasta you're boiling.

Holy cannelloni, that's genius! 👏🏼

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