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Rebekah Radice
April 10, 2023
min read
Opinionated Web Frameworks in the Style of Miro
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🤖 The gist

Creating engaging social media content isn't easy.

Back when I was building my personal brand, I was really active on social. My content was the magic that helped me connect with my audience.

But it was a struggle to stay consistent. On some days, I had no creative inspiration but felt pressured to post.

To keep things going, I turned to content generation tools and hopped on the latest trends.

I thought that it would keep my social feeds fresh and give me never-ending inspiration.

But instead, I found that these tactics got old quickly.

The new posts were too generic and my engagement dropped.

It reminded me that authenticity is the magic ingredient. Rather than relying on trends, I developed a unique creative process that kept my content interesting.

focus is not the opposite of distraction
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