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Shaw Us More, Please

This comedy TikTokker has limited career options with her uncanny resemblance to another famous celeb, but that hasn't stopped her yet!

By Rebekah Radice

1 min read

Heather Shaw is the Tok of the town. She's taking the internet by storm with her uncanny resemblance to the comedy king of the 90's, Jim Carrey.

But don't be fooled. She's not just a pretty face with a familiar grin. Heather is a comedic genius! Her jokes about her limited career options due to genetics will have you in stitches. Her profile is an inspiration for anyone to steal like an artist.

One day, when you're thinking back to the golden age of comedy, you'll ask yourself: Remember the comedian that looked like Heather Shaw? What was his name again?

Rebekah Radice

About Rebekah Radice

Rebekah Radice, co-founder of BRIL.LA, has traded narcissism for purpose. When not driving growth, you'll find her tricking family into thinking she's Emeril Lagasse - likely covered in marinara. The spotlight was fun, but impact is better. These days she's using 20+ years of brand brilliance for good.