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Humps, Stans, and Social Media Plans

One upped by goldfish!? Now what... Here are the current social media trends to include in your strategy.

By Rebekah Radice

3 min read

This grump made it to the hump. It's Wednesday, perhaps the most anticipated one of the year for most. We're partial to the one in November, but this one is not too shabby.

Hump Day is about acknowledging the week's transition from the MT phase to WTF. It's an expression used in the U.S., but we believe the hump needs to be on the approved proliferation list.

And no, spending so much time on Hump Day has nothing to do with facing writer's block in our 3rd publication.

Oh, we know that a lot of smart folks out there suggest that even mentioning the hump is wrong. That it means we're simply trudging along rather than being enthusiastic and productive.

To which we say: Happy Hump Day!

Trends that will dominate 2023

GWI—a leading audience targeting company for global marketing—released their annual report of the biggest social media trends. Grab a copy for yourself, it's free and insightful.

Key insights

  • Social media engagement has plateaued globally
  • TikTok continues its impressive growth
  • Western social media is following in China’s footsteps
  • Short-form video is #1, but long-form lands well with Gen Z
  • Social buying has made a lot of headway and is set to spread

There's a reason short-form video is skyrocketing, and it's a little fishy...

What's the plan for shorter attention spans

A high tech utopia of goldfish in a cyberpunk style by Stable Diffusion 2.1

If you've read this far, you're an outlier. That's because data suggests that, at 8 seconds, our ability to pay attention has dropped to less than that of a goldfish. Yes, a goldfish.

Even some of us who left social media in 2016 are impacted. That's because the same concepts of clickbait and instant gratification are everywhere.

What information consumes is attention. A wealth of information means a poverty of attention.

So, with 2023 around the corner, it's time to update our social media strategies (unless you're not professional procrastinators like us). The question to answer with your strategy is: How will we capture and keep audience attention?

Some thoughts on what to include in your social media strategy for 2023:

  • Know your audience and empathize
  • Identify and understand what they're trying to become
  • Be real, authenticity is in high-demand
  • Get to the point and be on point with your messaging
  • Understand the process of nurturing
  • Revisit your funnels and optimize for even shorter attention spans
  • Plan your content to excel at the 2 second rule
  • Hypothesize, experiment, analyze, improve, repeat
  • Consider sharing your findings

In the next couple of weeks, we'll share our 2023 Social Media Playbook for Hey Rebekah. It's a complete open-sourced template you can use for your business and client work.

Until then, send us an email if you have any feedback or would like to share your plans with the Hey Rebekah community.

Rebekah Radice

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