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February 6, 2023

Eggs-cellent SEO

This is a world-class eggsample of connecting the dots from search intent to conversion.
February 6, 2023

The Rise of the De-Influencer

With 68 million views on TikTok, the new de-influencing trend looks like it might be here to stay.
February 4, 2023

Saturday Takeover by Kristen

At no point did you ask to get to know me. I know, I checked the email replies, but I’m going to tell you about myself anyway.
February 3, 2023

Premature Completers

Embracing idleness to fend off mediocrity. You should try it.
February 2, 2023

Younger Crowds

Don’t get distracted by shiny new things. Stick with what works.
February 2, 2023

The Intro You’ve Been Waiting For

Need expert knowledge on your new project? Intro helps you connect with industry titans. It's kind of like Bumble for entrepreneurs!
February 1, 2023

Reeling in a Tesla

Finding a unique niche on Instagram and getting paid all the way to the bank.
February 1, 2023

Mastering the 4-day Workweek

4-day workweeks aren’t just about having an extra day off to catch up on The Last of Us. Although, let's be real, that's a pretty sweet perk too.
February 1, 2023

Instagram Creators Making News

The co-founders of Instagram are teaming up again, this time to bring you Artifact. It's like TikTok for news...kinda.
January 31, 2023

Hey Rebekah's Business Plan Part 4

Unleash your inner contrarian with Hey Rebekah's Business Plan Part 4 and uncover game-changing opportunities for success
January 30, 2023

Why We Ditched Asana for Height

Switching from Asana to Height App? Learn how this task management powerhouse blends Asana, Notion, and Google Sheets for a game-changing experience.
January 30, 2023

Get More Done

Want to Master the art of productivity and overcome procrastination?
January 28, 2023

Saturday Takeover by Susan

Ever since I remember, I've dreamt of writing for a living. 👩🏼‍💻 But because of my notorious globetrotting since the age of 18, I never seemed to stay in one place long enough to convince others that I'm legit.
January 27, 2023

Do it for Yourself

An exploration of the factors influencing our career decisions from a young age.
January 26, 2023

Drafting our Editorial Policy

If you're crazy enough to launch your own newsletter you should put together an Editorial Policy or steal ours.
January 26, 2023

Shaw Us More, Please

This comedy TikTokker has limited career options with her uncanny resemblance to another famous celeb, but that hasn't stopped her yet!
January 26, 2023

Restricted Access

Inmates are nabbing contraband cell phones and... taking computer classes? Even better, Harvard is making it easier for them to do it. Don't miss this!
January 25, 2023

Understanding Customer Problems - Master Plan Part 3

This is the 3rd installment of our business plan playbook. We're building in the open so you can steal like an artist.
January 25, 2023

Free Education Will Take Over the World

The idea behind Duolingo is pretty cool. Read about it here and how the founders took their idea to success.
January 24, 2023

$1,000,000 Etsy Shops from Home

This is the story of how a stay-at-home mom is killing it with her home made Etsy products.
January 24, 2023

Mixing Art and Numbers

Stefan Sagmeister held an exhibition at a gallery in NYC. He's known for taking on big subjects in unique ways.
January 24, 2023

Experimental Projection Mapping

What do you get when you lock a college student in a room for 100 hours with an Amazon projector, a playlist from Spotify, and a lot of caffeine?
January 24, 2023

The Freshest Creations

Need a pick-me-up? Don't miss this short-but-sweet piece on Maria Skog and her juicy creations.
January 23, 2023

Start No-code Ecommerce Site Today

We explore how we built our no-code newsletter referral and rewards program in a couple of hours using Printful.
January 21, 2023

Saturday Takeover by Rebekah

A tribute to our biggest cheerleader, Brinkley Radice who warmed our hearts and made everything around him better.
January 20, 2023

This is Important

Time is the most precious commodity we own. It's like toilet paper during a pandemic, it's always running out and you can never have enough of it.
January 19, 2023

What We're Good At and Love - Business Plan Part 2

Doing meaningful work at scale underpins our vision. This is how we used that thinking to hone in on where to begin from a business planning perspective.
January 18, 2023

$35,000,000 WordPress Theme

Luke and Haris launched Avada. It's the top selling premium WordPress theme on the planet. This is their story.
January 18, 2023

Generative AI Goes Mainstream

Since November 2022, CNET Money's editorial team began using AI to create basic explainers on financial services topics
January 18, 2023

Swipe Right on Obsidian

Want to see how the greats put together a design system? Take an inside look at Tinder's journey to building Obsidian. This will only take a minute.
January 17, 2023

Hey Rebekah's Business Plan Part 1

We're building in the open and this is the first drop of our business plan series.
January 17, 2023

Taco Tuesday

We're donning our stretchy pants in today's edition of The Gist because it's a glorious Taco Tuesday.
January 17, 2023

A/B Testing with Tucker

Take a minute or more to get to know one of our favorite doggos. Tucker Budzyn. Oh, and say hello to Todd too.
January 16, 2023

Happy Birthday MLK! Thanks Stevie...

This post is dedicated to honoring the birth and life of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. 
January 14, 2023

Saturday Takeover by Ambreen

Ambreen's first Saturday takeover of the Hey Rebekah Newsletter. This is one you won't want to miss. Annoying life partners, adorable dogs, and Eugene Levy.
January 13, 2023

How Learning Customer Service Skills Made My Husband a Better Son

Every Friday, our newsletters are going to be focused on the lessons we’ve learnt in our lives that have helped us at work and at home.
January 12, 2023

$200,000 Ghost Tweeter

Making bank as a secret tweeter? Sign us up for this lucrative side hustle.
January 12, 2023

Tracking Killer Growth

There's no one better in the customer data platform arena than Segment. Find out why we use it, how, and what metrics are most impactful for customer retention.
January 12, 2023

ChatGPT Does Ryan Reynolds

AI Ryan Reynolds? The possibilities are endless. Don't worry; this video will only take a minute.
January 12, 2023

Impressive Entrances

There's nothing worse than ruining a first impression with a bad login page. Here are some guidelines from our friends at Prototpyr to help you nail it.
January 12, 2023

All in the Family

Multi-generational businesses are on the rise, with both younger and older generations bringing something unique to the mix.
January 11, 2023

Client Onboarding Playbook

Wow your clients with a straightforward project cost estimation workflow, fresh from our own client work files.
January 11, 2023

The Power of No

We're talking about Slow to Flow, productivity, and saying no. This'll only take a minute.
January 11, 2023

Chat With Your Favorite Historical and Famous People

Strike up a chat with your favorite characters thanks to this new AI tech brought to you by ex-Google researchers.
January 11, 2023

NSFW - Mark Manson on the Big Screen

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck may not have great reviews, but we will watch it anyway.
January 10, 2023

The PPTX Whisperer

Courtney Allen found an incredible niche for her graphic design work. Read more about her million-dollar idea in this edition!
January 10, 2023

From Hostile to Delightful

Is your website as friendly as you think it is?
January 10, 2023

Leveling the Playing Field

A quick look at our super-secret mission.
January 9, 2023

How We Built Our Website in 2 Hours

Check out how we built our website in record time thanks to Webflow and some sweet accessories.
January 9, 2023

Starting Fresh on Mondays?

The day every new project you start is doomed to fail.
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